It was a dark, rainy afternoon, where upon something INCREDIBLE happened

I watched “Sound of Music” with Sophia and Olivia for the first time.

Pause please. Okay.

I honestly don’t think I’ve watched the epic film in 18 years. Yes, I know a live version came out. No, I didn’t see it. I’m a purist which means, in this case,  I stick to the film. ( What I mean by purist changes depending on what stance I’m describing, which could argue with the definition of purist…)

Also, though I watched “Sound of Music” 8 times a year for a good ten years before this recent drought, it was always on a VHS tape recorded during Christmas 1990.

Positives: re-watching Cold War commercials each time with historic emotional news flashes of the Berlin wall falling.

Negatives: apparently it was edited for length, so today, not kidding, I saw footage I had never seen before. Longer dialogues of conversations I had always felt were a bit abrupt, subtle looks between characters. Oh what I’ve been missing!!!

When I first saw the movie, I identified with Louisa, the blonde, silent, pranking sister.  The one about whom Maria claims, “And Lousia I don’t know about, but someone has to find out about her!”

Oh Louisa. The mystery.

Then I wanted to be Leisel. Because we all wanted to be Leisel.

Of course ultimately,  I  wanted to be Maria, with longer hair, but mainly for the wedding. Oh the wedding! That was the wedding I wanted. Forget Pinterest and mason jars. I wanted all my nun friends cloistered behind a gate as I left them forever to meet the priest and kneel in perfect sync with the orchestra.

That was the wedding I wanted. When I wanted to be Maria, after wanting to be Liesel and Louisa.

So today, I was curious who I’d identify with, you know,  in my maturity.

I mean I had my suspicions,

But no. The Baroness is still a stranger to me.

Go back to Vienna Baroness!

Marry Uncle Max!

Travel the world promoting family singing groups, grieving that you are a few decades too early for the Osmonds!

No, it was not the Baroness that made me weep with understanding today…

Yes. It was the Reverend Mother. Leading me to wonder if the past years have aged me more than I realized. Or if I’m really just longing for a long, concealing, forgiving, habit right now. Yes and yes.

I want to be like the Reverend Mother! She has such grace and patience. She is not in a hurry. She is not stressed about keeping a wave upon the sand.  She loves the Problem that is Maria. She sees her call as walking with Problems towards healing and hope, not dismissing them. Unless a handsome widowed Captain needs a governess. Then she dismisses them and their guitars. But really how often does that happen?

The Reverend Mother is so wise and generous! She commits herself wholeheartedly to both helping Maria find her true vocation ( a discussion that seriously made me cry) and to hitting every last high note in “Climb Every Mountain.” Wow. I think the VHS taped version cut half that song for cold war commercials.

As I filled with longing to become more Reverend Mother-like, I received my first test:  the CD was scratched during “Edelweiss.” The first “Edelweiss”, when Christopher Plummer Captain Von Trapp had just begun to let down his  guard and reveal himself to be the true Rodgers and Hammerstein singer he was meant to be, we were all meant to be.

I tried not to lose it. Reverend Mother style. I just sang the parts for the girls lost to library CD decay. Each and every note. Reverend Mother Style.

I think they were grateful.

Though I know that right now they want to be Marta or Louisa. It’s where we all begin. 



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3 Responses to “It was a dark, rainy afternoon, where upon something INCREDIBLE happened”

  1. Grandma C June 13, 2014 at 12:55 pm #

    I love your heart and the way you express what’s there (Whatever is in the heart overflows into speech … Luke 6:45). Your girls are so blessed to have you for a Mom!

  2. Lydia June 13, 2014 at 2:07 pm #

    One of my all time favorites! Mama Blevins walked down the aisle to Maria’s wedding march sans the singing nuns. ;) Love that you are sharing these things with those sweet girls! Miss y’all!

  3. Suz June 16, 2014 at 5:43 pm #

    i don’t think I’ve ever seen the Sound of Music.

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